Housekeeping Services Charleston SC

Housekeeping Services for all Your Needs with The Maids of Charleston

Housekeeping Services Charleston SCEven when your house is neat and clean, there are sometimes extra things that need attending, and The Maids of Charleston can help with those things, too.

Additional housekeeping services are designed to help you manage all aspects of your home and any events or special tasks you need completed.

Cleaning for a Move

Whether you’re moving into a new home or out of your current home, good housekeeping services can be a great benefit to you. Before you move your things in, it’s a relief to know your new house is really clean for you.

When you’re moving out and it’s important to get your home clean for new owners or prospective buyers, you’ll find experienced, professional house cleaning will make your whole experience much easier.

Same Day Cleaning

If you have a party, an important dinner, or company coming to visit your home, you might need your house cleaned as quickly as possible. Don’t panic: The Maids Charleston has housekeeping services specifically for this situation!

Offering a same day cleaning service allows for you to focus on the other things that need to get done without worrying about the house cleaning.

Garage Cleaning

The garage might catch a lot of extra items in your home, and with those things come dust and trash that needs to be taken care of from time to time.

If your schedule doesn’t give you the time you need to get into your garage, straighten it out, and tidy it up, our housekeeping services can help.

Other Housekeeping Services

There are plenty of things in your home that sometimes need extra attention, and our additional housekeeping services address many of them for you, including:

  • Window cleaning for every window in your home.
  • Oven/Grill or Fridge cleaning so you can cook and entertain more easily.
  • Kitchen cabinet cleaning to keep everything straight, neat, and sanitary in your kitchen.
  • Wood or Tile Floor cleaning because these surfaces sometimes need a different level of care than others in your home.
  • Wall, Mirrored Wall, or Wood Paneling cleaning so every room in your home is clean and sanitary from floor to ceiling.
  • Chandelier or Light Fixture cleaning to keep things around your home bright and clean always.

By offering these additional housekeeping services, The Maids of Charleston hopes to provide you with a full spectrum of clean for every room in your house, even above and beyond what you might expect.