House Cleaning Services Charleston SC

Let us take the Hassle out of  Your House Cleaning Chores in Charleston

House Cleaning Services Charleston SCAn average day comes with so many demands, adding house cleaning to the list can be a hassle. If time isn’t letting you get the kind of good clean you want, The Maids of Charleston has the solution for you.

Everyone wants to come home to a clean house, and the 22-Step Healthy Touch System is guaranteed to give you just that. By targeting everything from the carpet to the kitchen, this system will give you a clean, healthy home every day.

House Cleaning Services

House cleaning includes more than just making your home look clean. If you want a clean house that benefits your family, you need a house cleaning service that pays attention to details and clears germs out of your home in addition to the dirt you can see.

The Maids Charleston provides specially-designed equipment like the backpack vacuum with HEPA filter that banishes dirt and dust while making the air in your home cleaner and safer for you and your family.

Environmentally-friendly house cleaning solutions offer the highest quality clean while leaving your home a healthy place for you and the environment around you.

Team House Cleaning

The team approach allows each team member to focus on a specific task, performing to the highest level. Team members answering to a team leader stay accountable to each other so that every task is completed and nothing is missed.

Trust is an important part of any house cleaning service, and for that reason, every team member is:

  • Screened
  • Professionally trained
  • Bonded
  • Insured

This way, you can have a full house cleaning with the peace of mind that is paramount to enjoying your home once it’s clean.

Relax in a Clean Home

When your home is clean, you can come home at the end of a long day and relax, knowing that you are in a cleaner, healthier environment provided by the trustworthy team at The Maids of Charleston.