Cleaning Services Charleston SC 

Providing you with Superior Cleaning Services in Charleston SC

Cleaning Services Charleston SCWhen The Maids of Charleston comes into your home, they know you want more than just a surface clean. You deserve to know that your home is both truly clean and completely safe for you and your family.

The development of the 22-Step Healthy Touch System ensures that you get both a thorough clean and a healthier home.

Cleaning Services For Every Room

Trustworthy cleaning services involve every room in your house and include things like straightening up and loading the dishwasher rather than only cleaning around these areas.

Each room comes with its own special needs, and the Healthy Touch System addresses them all:

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house to keep clean. Every surface on which you prepare or eat food needs attention. Cleaning services in the kitchen include:

  • Cleaning the sink.
  • Cleaning appliance exteriors and inside the microwave.
  • Cleaning the counters and wiping cabinet doors.
  • Cleaning counters.
  • Hand washing the floor.
  • Cleaning the kitchen window.
  • Loading the dishwasher.

Not only does this provide a safe, sanitary space for cooking and eating, it also makes your kitchen a warm, clean environment for entertaining.

In the Bathroom

Everyone in your family uses the bathroom for a variety of tasks. For this reason, it’s imperative that the bathroom receive a thoughtful, thorough clean and be fully disinfected. The Maids Charleston provides the following cleaning services in the bathroom:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting toilets, tubs, and showers.
  • Hand washing and disinfecting floors.
  • Changing towels.

Addressing the rooms you visit most makes your home healthier for you, your family, and your friends every day.

In the House

While focusing on the rooms generally the most in need of cleaning and sanitizing is necessary, equal focus should be given to the rest of your home, as well. Here are some of the cleaning services you can expect throughout your home:

  • Picking up & straightening.
  • Dusting sills, ledges, and wall hangings.
  • Removing cobwebs.
  • Dusting and vacuuming furniture.
  • Vacuuming floors, carpets, stairs, and under beds.
  • Cleaning entry window.
  • Emptying trash.

When every area of your home receives the appropriate attention, you will enjoy a clean, healthy environment every day.

Thoughtful, Trustworthy Cleaning Services

When you invite someone into your home to provide cleaning services for you, you should be able to trust that they are going to do the best job possible.

The teams at The Maids of Charleston are professionally trained and use tools and solutions that are not only specially designed to perform on every level, but also safer for the environment and your family and friends.