Weatherization Tips to Help Cut Your Energy Bill

4997-101413-gs4997Weatherization is an energy saving process that helps in cutting down on your electricity bill. There are many weatherization products that can help you insulate and seal up problem areas in your home. Below are some basic home weatherization tips that will save you money:  

How to Seal Leaks

Outdoor air during the winter months may bring in extra coldness, and your cool air may be lost during the summer if there are cracks and crevices where it can creep in. You can seal off your indoors from the outside cold air by installing door and window sealants. Air conditioners covers, sealants and caulks are also way to ensure no loss of heat or cooling. Because finding all seal leaks in your home is the first step in the weatherization process, using proper equipment and sealants to complete the job correctly is vital.

How to Insulate Your Home

After taking care of the outdoor air, you need to insulate your indoor air to stop the air-conditioned air from escaping. There are various insulation products that can serve this purpose, though, blown cellulose is widely used. This product is actually made of a recycled newspaper treated with a fire retardant making it powerful than most of other insulation products. In some cases, fiberglass may be used but is costly and inefficient compared to cellulose. However, fiberglass padding is suitable in certain occasions. 

Upon completing the weatherization process, you should see a significant drop in your energy bill. And while you are staying warm and cozy in the winter, or cool and comfy in the summer, let The Maids of Charleston, in Hanahan, South Carolina assist you with your house cleaning needs.