Ways to Perform a Cleaning Cycle on Your Washing Machine

4417 101413 gs4417Washing machines work hard, just like our homes, and need to be properly maintained if they're to keep producing the results we want and need. If your home starts to smell unpleasant, it's time to call The Maids of Charleston. Should your washing machine start to emit unpleasant odors, it's time for a cleaning cycle.

Use one of these two easy ways to get your washing machine back to its best.

Wash Your Machine

Using white vinegar or non-chlorinated bleach (Top-loading and Front-loading machines), this cleaning method works to remove that unpleasant smell that eventually sets in, so your clothes smell clean and fresh.

Top Loading Machines

  • Set washing machine to hottest setting
  • Next, take four cups of white vinegar, add them to the machine and let it run for five minutes
  • Lift the lid, pause the cycle and leave the machine for an hour with the solution in it. This will kill any bacteria and mold colonies that might have built up in the unseen places and which are generally the cause of the smell.

Now take a cloth, dip it into the solution and clean the outside of your washing machine. Once you are done, shut the lid and allow the washing cycle to run to completion. Should your washing machine be extra busy and therefore extra dirty, repeat the process.

Front Loading Machines

Front loading machines require less water and use less energy. This is the reason front loading machines suffer more from mildew and mold problems.

  • If your machine has it, select hot water setting, if not then select a "white" or "stain" setting.
  • If your machine has an "extra rinse" option, select that too
  • Add 3/4 of non chlorinated bleach or vinegar (use the dispenser)
  • Let the cycle run its course
  • Manually select a second rinse cycle if your machine doesn't have the second rinse option
  • Clean soap and bleach dispensers.
  • Dab a little of the vinegar or bleach onto a rag and wipe the rubber door seal to remove any hidden mold or mildew spots.

TIP: For front loading washers, between washing cycles, keep the door open to prevent mold and mildew build up.
Follow these simple steps and your clothes will continue to smell clean and fresh after every wash.