Looking for Ways to Decorate your Doorway?

For many homeowners, the front door is an overlooked design element, despite the fact that this is the first impression any visitor or guest gets of your home. It is easy to wind up treating the area around and in front of your doorway as a purely utilitarian area, designed purely for convenience, but this is not nearly as helpful as finding handy ways to decorate the front of your home. Even when a new door is put in by a professional door installer, it is possible to fail to really make an impression on visitors. Housekeeping may also be important, but the outside is the first thing people see. Here are a couple ways to add pizzazz to your front doorway.

Consider adding a wreath. Despite the association with fall and winter, wreaths are now fashionable for all seasons, including spring and summer. Consider adding seasonal elements of spring such as straw or berries to your spring wreath, and elements of the beach such as shells and coral to your summer wreaths. This method of decoration allows you to rotate through the seasons, ensuring that your doorway never becomes boring.

Give the trim of your door an accent color. Outlining the front door with a bright pastel can add a playful touch to the front door. If you're working with a professional door installer, consider asking them for advice on what color trim would work best for your house. In general, a bold contrast from the dominant color of the house makes a statement, such as orange trim for a mostly blue house.

Use decorative elements such as urns or barrels. A little bit of theatrical flair in designing the front of your house can go a long way and can serve as a teaser of the theme of your interior.