Try These DIY Kids Decorating Projects

Looking for something new for your child's room? Want to give them something fun and interesting, but not expensive (or breakable!)? These do-it-yourself projects fit the bill: all you'll need is a hula hoop and some fabric.

Project #1: Bedroom Canopy. This is so simple, you'll honestly wonder why you didn't think of it yourself!

  • Choose a hula hoop (you can choose to add a sheet of fabric that runs across it, but you don't have to!).

  • Attach some long mosquito netting or sheer fabric to it all the way around.

  • Hang from the ceiling.

The fabric will fall down from around the hoop and create a child-sized canopy, perfect for hanging over their bed,

Project #2: Homemade Tent. What kid doesn't want a cool tent in their room? Of course, if you've ever tried the kids pop-up tents, you know they're usually a little more trouble than they initially appear! Try this instead:

  • Shape a wire hanger into a triangle shape, then attach to the hula hoop.

  • Use sturdy fabric like cloth tarp material to first mold around the “roof.”

  • Do the same thing around the bottom of the hula hoop, making the “walls.”

That's it! It's an instant kids' tent that they're sure to love.

Project #3: Hula Hoop “Chandelier”

Trying to decorate for a kids' party without relying on the same old stand-bys can be hard, but this will definitely do the trick:

  • Cut or find strips of fabric in complementary colors and patterns.

  • Tie each strip around the hula hoop, right next to each other.

  • Hang up for a colorful “chandelier.”

You can also use this in a kids' room for a decorative feature!