Three of the Most Efficient, Space-Friendly Organization Ideas

Clutter can make even a house with frequent maid services look unkempt, but finding a great place for everything can be difficult. The ultimate goal is for everything in your house to have its individual home, but when you run out of places to put things, it can be difficult.

From a great piece on organizational tools come these three suggestions and ideas on how to use them in all of your rooms. Don't let clutter steal your satisfaction!

Hanging Organizers. You've probably seen these for shoes and we've talked before about using them for craft supplies, but there are even more uses for hanging organizers. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Use them in your kitchen to hold small tools or spices. Use them in a kids or teen's room to organize homework, clothes, books, or magazines or in an entryway to catch everyone's individual grab-and-go items. This is a great tool because you can easily build systems around it!

Under the Bed Storage. If you don't store under the bed, it can easily become a big plot of wasted space (or worse, a catch-all for things you drop!). There are storage containers made to fit under beds that store flatter things like clothes and papers extremely well. If you have a vacuum sealing system, sliding the sealed bags under the bed is also a great way to make use of its space.

Hooks. You're probably used to hooks in the bathroom or by the front door for coats, but these versatile pieces can be used in any room and for many different things! Hooks in a kitchen are great for hanging bigger pots and pans, aprons, or towels. Hooks in the bedroom hold scarves, jewelry, sweaters, handbags, ties, and hats. Show off your fashion and save space in your closet, all in one!