Three Do-It-Yourself Projects for Your Home

Everyone wants a fantastic-looking house, but the cost that can go into buying new furniture or accessories can be pretty steep when you add it all together. That's why DIY is such a great option--take super affordable alternatives and turn them into something unique and wonderful. 

Craftiness is not for everyone, but every can certainly benefit from a little bit of creativity. With that in mind, here are three great DIY projects even the most un-crafty person can do!

Wallpaper Bookshelf

Upscale your bookshelves in no time at all and with barely any effort--so upscale, they will look designer, just like the shelf in the image on the right from the Rachael Ray show. No one needs to know it only took you a couple of hours to create! Choose a wallpaper that complements the room your bookshelf is in, buy some spray adhesive (someone at the hardware store can help you with that if needed!), and put the wallpaper on the inside back of the bookshelf.

Once the adhesive dries completely, you have a bookshelf that looks professionally-designed and will likely become a topic of conversation when guests come to visit. Whether or not you tell them your secret is up to you!

Table Design with Candles and Vases

Do you have an entryway table looking a little boring or a dresser in your bedroom that would look better with some sort of design? Candles are versatile and incredibly easy, and you can make them as complicated or as simple as you want. For a really chic look, take an assortment of candle holders, spray paint them the same color, and arrange them on your table with complementary-colored candles. For an extra burst, add some vases spray-painted in the same color and add a few flowers.

Curtains from a Tablecloth

Let's be honest, great-looking curtains can be pricey. Don't settle when you could have beautiful curtains for just a little bit of effort! Find a good-quality tablecloth you absolutely love, and with just a couple of steps, turn it into curtains you'll love even more (without the price!). There are two ways to turn the tablecloth into a curtain: one way is to attach ribbon or small pieces of fabric to the back of one edge of the cloth to create a place for the rod to slide through. Alternatively, you can buy rings that attach to the fabric and slide right onto the curtain rod. Either way, in a short time you've created a curtain you can be proud of.