The Newest Trend in Clutter-Free Living: Tiny Houses

Imagine if clutter became a non-issue; if housekeeping took mere minutes a day. This lifestyle is becoming reality for more and more people who have started buying and building tiny houses.

When they say tiny, they do mean tiny, at an average of 100 square feet, though there are some that go up to almost 300 square feet. As these grow in popularity, you have to wonder what it’s like.

Cost Efficiency

To say that these houses are affordable is an understatement. Kits are available for $15,000. Even if you add in the cost of the land, you aren’t looking at much of an expense. Energy and utility costs are extremely low, and depending on the style of your house, might be practically non-existent.


Living in tiny houses has caused the designers and owners to come up with creative ideas for furniture, and you shouldn’t be surprised to see some of these designs become more mainstream.

From a bed that turns into both a table and a chair to a kitchen counter that folds up into a cutting board, multitasking furniture is popular for such incredibly small spaces.


For many people who opt for tiny houses, it comes down to the desire for a simpler life, free from clutter. You can’t fit much into 100 square feet of space, so you have to be choosy. This forces out clutter completely, a freeing idea when you think about it.

Smaller houses may be on the rise, but for those who prefer their larger spaces, there are plenty of tips out there on how to organize and declutter, and maid services will help keep your home just as clean as the smaller version.