The Assorted Tip Jar

There are always little odds and ends when it comes to cleaning services: tips, tricks, and ideas that can help anyone keep their home a little cleaner. This is the cleaning tip grab bag—let's reach in and see what we get!

Tip #1: Vacuum every week, maybe more. You might have heard that vacuuming is wear and tear on your carpet, but that's definitely not the case. In fact, it's dirt and dust particles rubbing against the fibers that cause your carpet to look worn and dingy before its time.

Not only is it a good idea to vacuum every week, but vacuuming high traffic areas (hallways, in front of furniture, and entryways) twice a week is preferred for keeping things clean and protecting your carpet.

Tip #2: Let the cleaner rest. You're hopping through housework as quickly as possible, so you spray down the kitchen counter, then immediately wipe it clean—it shouldn't matter, a germ-killer is a germ-killer, right?

Unfortunately not. Most solutions need a few minutes on the surface to perform their cleaning magic and start breaking down germs. Spray down the surface and walk away for 5 minutes before you come back and clean it—clean and germ-free is what you really want!

Tip #3: Microfiber cloths rock! It's true, for the housekeeping homeowner, a microfiber cloth can go a long way. It's absorbency is unmatched by even your best rag or paper towel. Cleaning without leaving a lot of moisture behind is a healthier, easier way to clean.

When you're done cleaning, remember to wash your microfiber cloth and let it hang dry to keep it working as well as the first time.