Smart, Decorative Ways to Store Craft, Cooking, or Cleaning Supplies

Whether you scrapbook, knit, bake, or just do your normal housekeeping, there are often little bits of supplies and tools you need. It can be a pain to organize them in a way that doesn’t look clunky or cluttered, but with these ideas from Apartment Therapy, your supplies will not only be stored neatly, but look smart, too!

Hanging Shoe Organizer

You might have seen the soft shoe holders that attach to a wall or the back of a door—you may even have one hanging in your closet—but have you ever considered turning it into a place to store other items?

You can hang this in your craft area or kitchen and use it to hold any number of little items from scissors to patterns to color pencils to spatulas. You can leave it plain or decorate it. Either way, your friends will be impressed by your cleverness.

Towel Bar Holder

Tired of towel bars in your bathroom? Switch to hooks for your towels and turn the rods into a handy hook system for supplies. Grab some hooks that will hang from or clip to the bar. Hang some small containers from the hooks and use them for storing anything from scraps to pens.

Repurpose a Cart

Any small cart can become a handy craft station. Put your supplies on the cart and roll them exactly where you need them. When you need your crafting out of the way for floor space, leaving room for maid services, or cleaning up for company, all you have to do is roll it into a corner.

Don’t settle for plain plastic bins or cardboard boxes. If your hobbies are important to you, give them the attention they deserve, even in the way you store them!