Projects For Giving…Or for Keeping!

Looking for the perfect gift or just want to find a project to try out? These do-it-yourself ideas are amazingly simple—anyone can do them without a problem, even if you consider yourself not very crafty.

The next time you’re looking for something unique to give or to decorate for your own housekeeping and home décor, try one of these projects!

1. Glow Lantern. If you have kids in your life, this is going to be the project that makes you officially the coolest adult they know. They can even help make it if you don’t mind a bit of glitter.

Carefully cut a glow stick open over an empty jar and dump the contents into the jar. Add some diamond glitter (also called diamond or fairy dust), put the lid on, and give it a shake.

Shaking the jar will activate the chemicals from the glow stick and the glitter will spread out, creating a galaxy-in-a-jar effect!

2. The “Sharpie” Mug. This is one of those ideas that comes with a heavy helping of Why didn’t I think of that?

Take a plain mug and write a message on it (or, if you’re artistic, draw a picture!) with a permanent marker. Then, bake the mug in the oven at 350°F. This will seal the marker and create a lasting, personalized design on the mug.

3. Personalized Jars & Bottles. Do you have someone in your life who loves to keep things in decorative jars or do you turn tall bottles into vases? If you’re looking for something simple and decorative, this fits the bill, and while a little bit more detailed than the Sharpie Mug, still extremely simple.

All you need is your jar or bottle, a hot glue gun, and paint. Use the hot glue to write a word on your bottle (this might take some practice, so try it out on a piece of cardboard first!). Let the glue dry, then paint the bottle and allow the paint to dry.

The paint will make the hot glue word stand out and look like an embellishment on the bottle. Only you will know that it’s actually hot glue!