Overwhelmed by the House Cleaning?

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the stacks of clutter or dust around you, know first that you aren't alone! Many busy families are fighting the messy clutter battle. Thankfully, there are some ways to tackle house cleaning that will make it less stressful, less overwhelming, and much more manageable.

Work Within Your Time

It's easy to set unreasonable expectations for yourself and the time you have, so take a minute before you start cleaning to think about how long the things you need to do will take. Time management is key, and with a little bit of pre-planning, you can make cleaning much less of a chore than you think. 

  • Break it into tasks. When you have the time to clean, the tendency is jump right in and try to clean the whole house, but that's setting a difficult goal. Instead, break it into manageable chunks. Victory leads to more motivation, and each task you finish is a victory!

  • Spread it out over the week. Rather than trying to finish every task in one day, make a schedule for the week and decide which days are best for which tasks. Going to be home all afternoon on Wednesdays? That would be a great time for laundry and cleaning the bathrooms or kitchen between loads! Not so much time on Thursday? Maybe just sweep and dust that day. Tailor it to your schedule for the most benefit.

    Put This Rule Into Practice

Many professional organizers will tell you that the real struggle with clutter isn't the organization itself, it's the maintenance. The best rule for this: always clean up after yourself. Second best rule: never leave a room empty-handed.

As you get done with a project, put it all away immediately. It will be harder to get your children in the habit, but leading by example will go a long way! And, before you leave a room, look around—is there anything there that doesn't belong? Go ahead and grab it and take it with you, putting it up as you go!

Hire Help

There are going to be some things you're better at than others, and that's okay! Where you are lacking in time or desire to do a particular task, enlist or hire help. If laundry is just too time-intensive for you, there are many great dry cleaners or wash-and-fold services out there. If planning out meals is a lot of work, check out the online meal planning services. If cleaning is overwhelming, don't hesitate to hire a maid service