Make Your Refrigerator Bigger

14-pack76-021514-tmMaking your refrigerator larger doesn't mean expanding the size, but rather creating more internal space by clearing out the clutter. Not only does making the refrigerator larger avoid the potential of purchasing foods that are hidden in the back, it also makes it easier to find certain items, and makes it more convenient if you have kids in the home as well and reducing the time you spend house cleaning.

Home Cleanup -

When you are cleaning your home, working on the refrigerator should be a part of your to do list. By properly utilizing the space in your refrigerator you can:

  • Prevent spills and loose lids on bowls.
  • Avoid spilled drinks and food items.
  • Avoid wasting food and overspending.

Additionally, you will have a more hygienic place to keep the foods you and your family consume daily. An organized refrigerator means fewer spills, waste, and quicker meal prep as well.

Cleaning the Drawers -

Most refrigerators contain drawers, which are set aside for fruits and veggies, beverages, or other items. More often than not we tend to put items that aren't intended for these drawers; it is important to use the drawers for their intended purposes to avoid a big mess. The drawers should be utilized for the intended foods, rather than simply placing sauces or leftover items. Properly using the drawers will help save space, and eventually you will get used to placement of different foods.

Food & Liquid Storage -

Beverage compartments are often available for various drinks. Whether it is 2 liter bottles, small cans, fruit drinks, or other items, using these storage bins will help create a cleaner, organized space. Soda bins easily stack on top of one another, and you can see exactly how many drinks are remaining in the refrigerator. 2 liter beverage holders are also a great space saver, allowing you to free up space by stacking the bottles on top of one another so you avoid slips, spills, and waste in your refrigerator.

Fruit bins are also readily available. They will cycle fruits, meaning when you take out one fruit, the next one slides down, so you know what you have in your refrigerator.

The kitchen is probably the one room in your house you want to have the most confidence in cleanliness. The Maids Charleston ensures that the kitchen is not only clean but sanitary. A freshly organized fridge and a clean kitchen make for a great time in the kitchen!