Keep the Winter Blues at Bay

The post-holiday season can be some of the most depressing months. There is often less sun, cold weather that keeps you inside, and no holiday celebrations to anticipate. If winter blues are getting you down, you aren't alone.

There are a lot of great suggestions for dealing with the blues at Time Health & Family, but here are just a few you can do around your house today to help perk up your mood:

More Natural Light 

Scientists have found that exposure to light affects your mental health, particularly when it comes to depression. One quick and easy way to remedy this is to add light to the equation! There are certainly some choices in artificial light, but natural light brings more benefits. Add more natural light to your home by:

  • Cleaning the windows.

  • Opening the curtains or using sheer curtains.

  • Opening windows throughout the house.

  • Stepping outside for a few minutes on warmer days.

More Movement

Exercise releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone. While exercising regularly is good for your health anyway, you can move more around your house on the days you decide not to go out. Try these things:

  • Put on some music while you clean and dance around.

  • Jog in place while you watch TV or during every commercial break.

  • Consider switching to a standing desk.

More Relaxation & Meditation

Meditation has been repeatedly shown to relieve stress and decrease depression. Life can be extremely chaotic and stressful, so a little bit of quiet relaxation and mediation is a huge help. Here's some tips for getting more in your house:

  • Set up your own relaxation space with soft colors, comfortable seats, and quiet music or nature sounds.

  • Take a long, hot bath, complete with candles and music.

  • Add a warmer with peppermint essential oils or other peppermint-scented options to a room you spend a lot of time in. Peppermint has been shown to increase happiness and improve moods.

With any luck, winter will pass quickly, but if it hangs around a little longer, beat the winter blues with these tips!