How to Organize Your Closet and Double Its Carrying Capacity

4254-101413-gs4254By simply organizing your closet, you will be able to create lots of additional space that you can then use to store even more items. In this post, we tell you the minor tweaks that you can make on your closet so that it can accommodate even more items. If you don’t have time because of other housekeeping tasks, The Maids of Charleston in Hanahan, SC can take care of that plus other cleaning in your home.

Seasonal Change

You may still be having too much items on your closet irrespective of how much to try organizing your closet. In case that’s what’s happening to you, it might be necessary to adopt extreme measures like turning to seasonal system which will see you rotate fall/winter clothes with summer/spring clothes. Take out-of-season clothes and put them in covered clothing racks. Put these in the attic or even under your bed. You may also want to use flat storage boxes.

Linen Closets

Keep the folded sets of the bed lines into the pillowcases. Same-size sets of sheets need to be grouped together on the shelves. Make use of tags that are not only attractive but also ones that are easy to attach in marking the edges of the sheets.

Storing Table Linens

Make sure that after using table linens, you clean and iron them. The best way to store tablecloths is by hanging them from a skirt hanger or pant hanger in your closet. Also, bundle together clean, matching and folded napkins in a plastic or paper bag and then have it looped over the top part of the hanger.

Other Tips

  • Remove anything that does not belong in the closet from it. You may donate it or even move it to somewhere else.
  • Make maximum use of all the available vertical space by stacking shoes, sweaters and handbags on the shelves. And in order to prevent your stuffs from toppling over, use shelves or stacking drawers.
  • Add-on hangers are great because they take the space of one hanger while storing almost 4 times as much clothing items as the ordinary hangers.