How to Fix Smelly Towels or Mildew Sour Smelling Towels

Sure, your towels look clean, but why do they have a funny mildew-like or sour-like smell? Most laundry detergents can take out most odors and smells. However, some like to linger on and refuse to go away. How do you combat that? It can turn into an embarrassing situation for house guests.

Over time, towels can build up with detergent, fabric softener residues, and other accumulated smells you did not recognize was there. This buildup can lead to preventing water from thoroughly penetrating the towel, which leads to missed areas of cleaning.

There is better way than throwing them out at the sign of sour-like smells. Why waste all that money when you don’t have to?

The first thing to do is wash in hot water. However, add some vinegar (about 1 cup) to the washer for the first round. Do not add any detergent as that can alter the functionality of the vinegar. After the washer finishes, wash again. Once again, do not add detergent to the wash load. However, do add some baking soda (1/2 cup) to the laundry. Once the load is done, simply toss in the dryer and voila! You towels are now not only clean, but also smell magnificent!

On a last note, if you are still having problems and have odor towels, it may be the washing machine. Follow procedures for your machine. Typically, the best way is to use Afresh laundry refreshers or something that does the same job of refreshing your washer. If you do use that method, follow the instructions for the washer because it is not a normal load.