How to Clean Up When You Come In From a Trip

Imagine that you’ve been on a wonderful vacation, and you finally come home. You walk in the door and unload all of your bags and belongings—and that’s when you realize you have a big bundle of luggage and clothes to put away.

No one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning up and unpacking as soon as they walk in the door. Get maid services on the job before you leave for your vacation, and when you get home, start making the pile less intimidating as quickly and easily as possible. Here’s a streamlined way to clean up from Cook Clean Craft:

First: Take a handful of dirty clothes from your pile, throw them in the wash, and get it running. Immediately, this puts you ahead of the game because they can be washing while you’re doing the other things.

Second: Take food items to the kitchen. If you’re an on-the-road snacker, you probably have leftover boxes and bags of snacks and food, so it’s priority to get them into the kitchen (and especially into refrigeration if you have any that should be refrigerated).

Third: Take your bag with the toiletries to the bathroom. Don’t worry about unpacking them yet, you can put them away over the next few days as you use the items.

Fourth: Take the bags with the unworn clothes and deliver the clothes to the appropriate bedrooms. Don’t worry about putting them away—put them on the bed or on top of the dresser for each family member to put away on their own later.

Fifth: Take whatever is left and put it in a central location. After you’ve had a chance to get in and relax a little, get the whole family involved in grabbing things from the pile and putting them away until only the bags remain.

Vacations are all about enjoyment—don’t let your first minute back be too overwhelming!