How to Clean and Care for Your Wood Furniture

3-pack61-021514-tmCleaning wooden cabinets, bookshelves, and any other furniture in your home can be a quick and easy task when done in the correct manner. But food particles, smoke, and grease can stick to the surface of the furniture, making them grimy. Wood easily reacts to environmental changes such as temperature, moisture and light. Below are tips on taking care of all the wood furniture in your house:

Control Humidity

Although most wood furniture is treated before sale, it is good to ensure the moisture content is within the accepted standards. Excessive humidity makes wood gain too much moisture and expand. Too low relative humidity would cause wood to lose moisture and contract, causing itto lose its shape. If you allow wood products to gain or lose moisture, this results into cracks, splits, and wood joint expansion and separation. At all costs, ensure the relative humidity in your house is balanced.

Protect from Sunlight

When exposed to sunlight, wood and wood finishes gradually mellow down. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can sometimes have an even more dramatic effect, such as causing the development of cracks. Ensure you don’t expose wood product to the direct sunlight if at all possible.

Use Correct Cleaning Materials

If your cabinets, shelves or any other wood products have been stained, use a soft cloth and a soapy water to clean. You should never use abrasive pads or cleansers, they can cause irreplaceable scratches. Finish with wood polish to restore the shine and moisture balance to your wood furniture.

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