How to Bring New Life to Old Furniture

110-1113tm-vector2-997Restoring your old furniture to its past glory is a rewarding project. It may be painstaking and expensive, but it will save money in the long run. When you refinish your furniture you give it a completely new look. The following are the top four tips of bringing new life to your old furniture.

A Good Cleaning

This is usually the first step to restoring old furniture. It can be done with a lemon or orange-oil cleaner which is wiped or sprayed on and allowed to sit for 10-15 minutes. It is then wiped off 2-3 times to let the furniture dry completely. You can smear mayo to remove white rings of coffee cups, glasses and other blemishes that may be hard to remove. Your home also loves a good cleaning, and The Maids of Charleston are here to help.


Sand the entire surface of your furniture to remove all the blemishes and give the paint an attractive gripping surface. Sand papers range from fine to course grit. Sanding is an easy job that gives a new look every time and you will find it hard to stop once you start. Be sure to sand the edges, corners and any other point with a lot of tear and wear.


Use a foam roller to roll on paint. This will give a nice smooth finish that will definitely make your piece shine. You may use brushes in points where the foam can’t go to. You should use the brush carefully to avoid leaving brush marks that may cause a rough surface. In addition, be sure to choose the best color since it determines the final result and look of your furniture.


Priming the entire furniture piece provides a good surface to block water spots and stains. It prepares the entire surface for painting, especially if it was not polished properly for the paint to stick. This prevents the paint from getting into a rough surface to ensure a smooth finish.