How a Door Can Make a Statement

Sure, your front door probably looks great—rich wood or a bold color of paint, built in windows, set into a broad entryway or a welcoming patio—but what about your interior doors? Many homeowners miss an opportunity to make their doors part of their décor.

These easy projects will make every door in your house stand out and add to your design in a way that will certainly stand out!

Door Trim. Your front door probably has bevels in it, deep, decorative grooves that create a frame in the door. It can be a pain for house cleaning, but it looks elegant. You can get a similar, striking effect on your interior doors by adding trim.

One of the easiest trims to add is nail-studded inspired trim, and it couldn’t be easier to use. You can often find it as upholstery tacks, and they come in strips or in individual tacks. A decent rubber mallet and an afternoon and your bedroom door can look decorative in no time!

Wallpaper. It might sound a little different, and it is—but it’s also great! Adding wallpaper to interior doors can create an entirely new look, and looks especially good on doors that are built into a wall that takes up a significant amount of space (think closet doors or bathroom doors, for instance).

Choose a wallpaper that matches the rest of your décor nicely, then carefully trim it down and apply it. Make it a little larger than the door and you can fold it over the edges, leaving  the front seamless.

Painted Edges. This particular project takes about 10 minutes, but adds a tiny pop of color and interest to the room. All you need is a small can of paint in a bold color and a small paintbrush.

Paint the edges of your door so that when it opens, the color is visible. If you have doors in your house that constantly stay open, this can be a surprising burst of color!