Hiding Laundry Room Clutter – How to Do it Effectively

A less spacious laundry room space can get messy and cluttered easily if you do not have the right organization pieces to help keep it well-ordered. By making proper use of the small room you’ve got, you can stop your laundry room from becoming extremely messy. The following tips will help you in hiding laundry room clutter and maintain it that way.

Go vertical: When you are dealing with a tiny space, you need to make good use of each square inch available. Probably, your drier and washer use most of the laundry room’s floor space, so use the empty walls. In case you do not have any cabinets or shelving above your drier and washer, then you should certainly add some. You can buy low-cost shelving from hardware stores and add them above your devices. Use your shelving to help hide all of the items that are cluttering up the laundry room, for instance, fabric softener, stain removers and laundry detergent. Get storage boxes that match your room, put them on the shelves and hide all the clutter inside them for a neat, well-organized look.

Stack it up: Since the floor space is small, acquire a laundry basket organizer which lets the baskets be gracefully stacked. You can either buy one or even make one yourself to fit the space you’ve got. They are quite easy to make in case you are a bit creative. Simply ensure you have same-sized laundry baskets to enable them to slide easily in your shelf. You can choose to make your basket organizer as high as you want to help hold as numerous baskets as you want. Designate every spot for a particular basket. You can do a basket for every family member, or maybe use it to help sort out laundry loads. 

Just because you have a less spacious laundry room doesn’t mean the room has to be messy. A simple tip for keeping it neat is creating a designated place for every single thing and placing it right back when you are done. Using the above mentioned ideas will help keep the less-spacious laundry room clean and well-organized.