Getting the Porch Ready for Summer

What do you think of when you think of summer? The beach? The sun? Sitting out on your front porch relaxing?

All of those are great summertime activities, but if you’re going to spend time on your porch, you probably need to do a post-winter house cleaning on it first. Dirt, leaves, and pollen tend to gather on the porch, and over the colder months, it may go a bit neglected. Thankfully, you can perk it up in no time!

Step-by-Step to Porch Cleaning

Step #1: Get Everything Off the Porch. If you really want to clean the porch well, you have to clear it first. This is a good idea for two reasons: one, of course, you’ll be able to reach the entire porch, but you’ll also be able to wash the furniture freely out in the yard without transferring the dirt to the porch.

Step #2: Wash the Porch. If you have a power washer, now is the time to use it! If not, grab your hose, and attach a sprayer. You want the most directed spray you can get, so if you’re using an adjustable sprayer, use the “jet” setting. Starting on one side (if there’s a side with a wall, start there), sweep with the water back and forth across the porch.

At the end, you can spray whatever debris is still clinging on off the end of the porch. When you’re done, check for any spots where dirt might have clumped up or been missed, and spot spray these areas, always with the goal of putting the dirt in the yard!

Step #3: Wash the Furniture. It’s tempting to just turn the hose on the furniture, too; but you’ll get longer life out of your outdoor furniture by actually washing it. You can do this easily with a scrubber sponge and a bucket of warm water with a few squirts of dishsoap.

Scrub the furniture down well, rinse immediately, then dry with a towel. You can let air dry, but certain materials will end up with water spots if they aren’t dried.

Step #4: Return Everything to the Porch. As you put things back, switch out older, worn out things for newer things. If you’re done using something, go ahead and get rid of it—don’t feel compelled to use it on your porch because you used it last year.

If you want, add some fresh style with a few potted plants, new decorative pillows, or even an outdoor curtain!