Getting Rid of Shoe Marks on Your Floor

gsappp-img-3101-120213Removing stains made by heel marks or scuffs can be very difficult and problematic. In case your floor contains these marks, do not think that you can get rid of them by simply moping them off. You certainly don’t want to use any kind of abrasive cleaner, scrubbing pad or even a harsh chemical on your laminate or hardwood flooring. Although this could be okay on certain types of tile, it could do more harm than good on wood. Below are the tips for removing shoe marks from your floor:

Shoe Marks on Waxed Floors

If your flooring is waxed, it may be a bit difficult for you to remove scuff marks and even other marks that may be left on your floor. Use the tips below to clean this kind of flooring of shoe marks.

  • Try to clean up shoe marks as soon as they are left there. Never allow these to stay on the floor for some time as they will only be more difficult to remove.
  • Clean these marks using liquid wax, turpentine or cleaning fluid. Apply a solution of these to terry cloth after which you should apply it to the area that has been affected.
  • After getting rid of the stain, it may be necessary to go back and then reseal the floor. This is done by waxing it once more.

Tips for Other Floors

These cleaners should be able to get rid of any shoe marks.

  • You may want to use WD on the shoe mark. Apply it lightly to the stain after which you should wipe the area by means of a paper towel that is clean.
  • It is also okay to use a large pencil eraser to clean your flooring. These erasers will pull off shoe marks very easily and make them even easier to remove.
  • Wash the region containing the shoe mark stain using a floor cleaning solution the way you do normally. Scrub off the mark using a non-abrasive brush. Take care not to use any substance that may actually lead to your floor becoming damaged or scratched.

These tips should help you to remove scuffs and shoe marks from your flooring, but if you would like to hire a professional maid service to help care for your floors, The Maids of Charleston, South Carolina would be happy to assist you.