Get the Inside of Your Car Extremely Clean for Cheap

If you’ve ever gotten your car professionally detailed, you know that it can start to cost you pretty quickly, but it’s so nice to get into a truly clean car that smells great.

Thankfully, you can detail your car on your own and do just as well as a professional for a lot less. Here’s how:

Step #1: Take out everything, even the things you plan to keep in the car. It’s just much easier to clean when there’s nothing inside.

Step #2: Wipe down the inside of the car. Just use an all-purpose cleaner, or you can opt for glass cleaner and dashboard cleaner (but they are not a requirement and typically cost more!). Always start at the highest point and work down so you don’t accidentally dirty an area you just cleaned.

Step #3: Vacuum the car with a shop vac or heavy duty vacuum. You can even use the ones you find in the gas station or car wash, but they’ll cost you a significant amount of quarters if your car has a lot of crumbs.

Step #4: Clean the fabric. Buy a fabric cleaner (even good-quality cleansers run around approximately $5 a bottle) and clean the upholstery and floorboards in your car. This step is extremely worth it, so don’t skip. You’ll be amazed how much softer your seats are when they’ve been properly cleaned!

Step #5: Find an air freshener you like. There are literally hundreds of different types and smells of car air fresheners, so find the one you like the most and put it in your car.

According to Thrify Divas, you can buy your own Shop Vac and still spend less than $50! That’s a good enough reason to clean your car.