Feeling Too Comfortable with Your Home’s Style?

Over time, you can get used to the way your home looks. It's why you might suddenly realize after calling your maid services that there's clutter you didn't realize you had! It applies to decorating, too: maybe you spent a lot of time decorating it and it looks great, but that was a few years ago, and you’re ready to try something new.

Laura of Finding Home recently considered this and thought about some of the things she might change to inject a little more “boldness” into her home’s style. What kinds of things would you add or change in your home to make it exciting for you again?

Things to Try 

Looking for something you can do to perk up your home? Try one of these:

Move the furniture. Moving the furniture can make a huge difference in the way a room looks. Just by shifting a few pieces, you can change the flow of traffic in the room, change the balance, and create a new focal point. That’s a lot of style changes just by moving a few pieces of furniture!

Tip: Don’t be afraid to move furniture between rooms, too!

Add color. One of the biggest, most notable changes you can make in a room is a color change. Paint a wall in a bold but complementary color to create an accent wall that draws attention. Choose new colors of furniture or accessories that make the room pop. A little can go a long way.

Tip:Two extremely quick, effective painting projects can make all the difference: try painting an interior door in a bold color or painting the risers on your stairs a new shade.

Introduce new art and accessories. Create a new focal point in the room with a new vibrant piece of art, or add a few new accessories with new patterns, shapes, or dimensions to add flair to any room and give new life to the colors and patterns to which you’ve grown accustomed.

Tip: A bold area rug is a quick way to make a large impact regardless of the room!

Final tip: If you aren’t sure where to start in adding excitement to your room, find something you really love and use that for inspiration. It could be the beach, a painting, a friend’s home—whatever it is, let it help lead you to new ideas!