Distinguishing Between Curtain Fabrics and Materials

Fabric has many definitions. In relation to curtains, clothes, pants, blankets, and many other items, a fabric is the woven results of one or more materials. To put this a different way, wool and cotton are just materials until each one is spun together to form two fabrics that get used to make a coat. Cotton and silk being spun and weaved together become a fabric. The materials used to spin and weave into a fabric do not matter.

Any material can exist in a fabric, which can make things confusing. With this in mind, curtains may be described by either the fabric or materials used.

Fabrics often have their own name determined by specific materials used. This can cause confusion between product descriptions. Furthermore, certain fabrics are named based on design and not material. Calico fabric is made from cotton, but is also based on the design of small flower patterns in the background. Another fabric is damask. It is also made from cotton, but is named mostly from the tiny raised dots on one side of the fabric. Satin fabric is named from materials used, which can be polyester, silk, cotton, or a mixture of any of these. In addition, chenille fabric is made from chenille yarn, This yarn is composed of rayon, cotton, acrylic, and even olefin materials. Therefore, chenille fabric is made from those materials.

When looking at fabrics, a thicker one may last longer, but can be harder to maneuver. A fabric with more thickness in it will provide that level of strength you may desire. A thinner one will maneuver a lot easier, but can wrinkle or allow more light into the room, which again may be something you desire. That thinner fabric may just be what you are looking for, but it won't be as durable.

In talking about fabrics, the materials/fibers used and the thread count will create the thickness level of each and every fabric. For instance, velvet and corduroy materials have a thicker aspect to them that makes a fabric more durable.

Doing some research on fabrics and materials will give you the power to understand the various characteristics to get what suits you best. You may do a lot of housekeeping to make a room look fantastically appealing, but things like the window curtains can take away from that appeal.