Did You Know That Fluorescent Lighting Can Enable You To Save a Lot of Money?

One way of saving money out of electrical usage is by replacing incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. It has always been explained that fluorescent lamps uses about one third of the energy that their incandescent counterparts use. The good thing about fluorescent lighting is that it is available for many different products. For instance, a person can find night lamps, tablelight lamps, fan lamps,ceiling lamps, and several other types on the market. This means that our lighting needscan almost always be fulfilled by fluorescent lighting.

Styles of Fluorescent Lamps

Common styles of fluorescent lamps that can be found on the market include:

  • Standard spiral lamps which are meant to be used for standard bulbs i.e. type A sockets.
  • Mini candelabra bulbs – they are characterized by mini-spiral lamps under glass.
  • Globe lamps – these are lamps that create the appearance of a globe bulb.
  • Circular lamps – they are used as ceiling lights.
  • Elongated lamps – they have a rectangular look.
  • Double elongated lamps – they are similar to the elongated ones, except that they provide improved lighting output with double lamps.
  • Tube lamps – tube lamps exist in the form of tubes and the lengths vary.

Uses for the Lamps

Different types of lamps have different uses. For instance, tube lamps are normally used to provide lighting in workshops and garages. On the other hand, spiral lamps are used to provide lighting in homes. In either case;when buying a lamp, it is always important to explain to the seller the use of the lamp so that the correct item can be purchased.

Lamp Variations

The socket types used with lamps vary. Common socket types on the market today include type “A”, type “C7”, and type “PARXX” where the X represents a number. Many types are unique. For instance type “PARXX” is designed for use in spot and flood lights.Knowing the base type is certainly helpful when making your purchases.

No matter what bulbs you change out, you will save money on your electrical usage. Take those savings and go on a fun vacation…or maybe use the money to hire a housekeeping company like The Maids of Charleston in North Carolina. Then you will have a thoroughly clean home and extra time to spend on other things like the family or a fun night on the town!