Dealing with Dog Hair

Dogs are a nice addition to the family, but they tend to make a hairy mess. Even if you control where they can and can’t go; you still end up with floating hair that lands everywhere. It can be time consuming to keep up with it, especially when you need that time to do other housekeeping tasks. There are some methods to the madness that will allow you to get it done efficiently and then you can use that extra time for something else.

Hair Remover Brushes

There are many different brushes for removing dog hair from both the dog and the home. The most effective type is the rubber bristle type. This particular brush has thick, rubber bristles that are gapped between each other by about 1/8 inch—give or take a little. This type uses static and flexibility to grab pet hair from many surfaces. The only drawback to this is the need to empty the brush repeatedly. But this does still save a lot of time.

Vacuum Attachments for Pet Hair

There are many different vacuums and many different attachments with each one. A pet hair attachment works great for getting the hair picked up in a timely manner. There are different types and some will work better than others. The best is usually one that has rubber material with bumps on it or bristles similar to the brush concept previously mentioned. The drawback to this one is having to empty your vacuum more often. But that is surely worth it, right? Look at all that hair in there!

Lint Rollers, Pet Hair Rollers, Box Tape

The ideas to use lint rollers, pet hair rollers, and box tape all sound a bit out there. But if you are in a crunch for time, you can utilize these products to quickly pick up a good amount of hair from couches, chairs, tables, etc. Box tape can be used by tearing off about ½ foot of tape and wrapping it around several fingers to form a flat sticky side. The rollers will only pick up so much before you need to change the roll or simply throw away.

Home Filtration Units

A Home purifier works great to capture airborne particles. Some work better than others. Big floor models are great for the living room and help capture the hair floating around. This works good to prevent hair collections on furniture and electronics. To put it another way, a purifier will help reduce what needs picked up and will also save some time!