Clearing Your Clutter with Feng Shui

Spring is here, the sun is shining bright upon your day, and the air is fresh; it is time to open up the windows and enjoy life again! This is the perfect time to clean your home and get ready for all of the sunny weather festivities coming your way. Clutter is exhausting and it can drain the energy of just about anyone. There are some basic techniques of Feng Shui you can use to clean and organize your home, promoting positive energy in the process.

Feng Shui was created by the Chinese well over 3000 years ago as a way to bring good fortune and health to homes and buildings through color and the proper arrangement of furniture and decorations. Although you may not have time to pull out a text book and enlighten yourself on every premise of Feng Shui, there are a few simple ways you can use it to declutter your home.

To start off, go through every room in your home...and I mean every room, and say goodbye to the things you don't need! If you have not used or worn an item in over a year, you will probably not miss it when it's gone and out of your life. You can donate gently used items to your favorite charity or thrift shop and toss the rest in the garbage.

Now that you are down to the bare essentials it is time to organize! Feng Shui calls for your displayed items to have a purpose. If you have items in your home that do not have a specific purpose for everyday living, tuck them away into a drawer or closet. Clear plastic containers can be purchased cheap from any home improvement store. The great thing about these containers is that you can see the contents and this alleviates unneeded digging around when you need something. After you have filled your containers, tuck them neatly away.

And finally, choose items for your home that have clean flowing shapes and textures. If your home decor looks too busy, it gets confusing to the eye and will drain your energy.

Declutter your home with a purpose this spring by applying basic Feng Shui techniques. Your home will feel much more airy and bright and you will bring the hope of good fortune and health to the ones who visit you.