Cleaning Ceiling Fans

Cleaning the ceiling fans is often a tough chore. Occasionally the ceiling fan have dust stuck on the edges of the blades and in extreme cases they look like small furry insects hanging on the blades. It is therefore important to clean these blades as it also helps in enhancing good air circulation as well as lowering room temperatures.

When cleaning ceiling fans, a sheet should be spread over the furniture below the fan and the floor. Also the cleaner should cover their head with a scarf. This ensures that the dust wiped from the fan blades does not spread in the room.

The cleaner should also look for an appropriate furniture such as the step stool so that they can reach the fan without straining. There are also long handled dusters used in cleaning fan blades and can be used conveniently without the need for step stools.

Once prepared for the task, it is of utmost importance to switch off the power both at the wall switch and at the main power supply to the building. This is done to prevent other family members from switching on the fan accidentally as it is being cleaned. In cases where an electric vacuum cleaner is being used, it’s not convenient to switch off at the mains supply and therefore a tape can be used to hold down the wall switch.

Fan blades should be cleaned using a soft piece of cloth. This can be gotten from old rugs of blankets or from old pillowcase that are not being used again. The piece of cloth is sprayed with a mixture of warm water and vinegar. The blades are then wiped gently along the surfaces and edges. When using the long handled dusters the same procedure is applied. 

Vacuum cleaners should have a longer extension to avoid lifting the vacuum cleaner unit from the floor as one is cleaning the fan blades.

Once through, the cleaner wipes the blades with a clean dry cloth that produces a shiny look. After getting rid of the cleaning equipment and stepping stool, the fan is switched on and the cleaner should observe closely and some cleaning process may end up breaking down the entire fan. As the fan turns excess dust and fumes due to cleaning materials is removed.

To enhance good air circulation in and out of the room, doors and windows should be left open for some time. In this way the bad fumes are dispersed and the air in the room is fresh and cool.