Brighten Your Home’s Atmosphere with New Drawer Pulls

You hire a maid service so that you can have more time to do other things. With that in mind, why not upgrade all your cabinet hardware? Damaged, faded, cracked, broken, loose, and chipped drawer pulls can hinder cleaning results dramatically. It would be like waxing a severely rusted car. It just doesn't work. Here are some different types of drawer pulls you can use to enhance and brighten a room's atmosphere.

Round Drawer Pulls

Drawer pulls that are circular in design are very common items in most households. Why is that? It is because a lot of dressers, kitchen drawers, and workroom drawers have stock knobs on them that are usually round. They are mounted by one screw. The materials you can find this type of knob in are:

• Plastic
• Vinyl
• Ceramic
• Fiberglass
• Stainless Steel
• Chrome
• Satin nickel
• Bronze
• Brass
• Etc.

Aside from material, you can find knobs with various designs on them and some are painted while others are etched. There are so many choices that you will surely find what you desire.

Wide Drawer Pulls

Wide drawer pulls are basically handles, in a way. They have a long, slender look to them in which several fingers can grab on. You can find various widths, typically between 2-4.5 inches. This type of handle mounts with 2 screws, one towards each end on the back side. They typically protrude out anywhere between a 1/2 inch to 1 inch for your fingers to reach behind them. Styles, designs, and materials vary, but materials are the same as they are for round pulls. The foundation of style may look like a solid pipe or may have a wiggling design. They also can be etched or painted, depending on materials. These types of drawer pulls enhance the luxurious and stylish appearance of any drawers.

Back Plates for Drawer Pulls

Back plates are designed to work with the wide drawer pulls. They are used to protect the drawer surface from scratches, dirt, stains, and chips in the area where the fingers touch it. Aside from that, they are used to adjust hole-spacing. If you had a handle with 2.5 inches in between the screw holes and the new one requires 3 inches; you can use one of these back plates to cover up those old holes. Plates are available in metal materials so you would need metal handles. They can have plain or etched designs to them.