Best Ways to Clean and Dust Your Entertainment Equipment

00157-electronic-gadgets-vector-set-1113tm-v1Entertainment equipment requires cleaning just like everything else in your home in order to continue functioning optimally. If you allow dust to pile up on, in, or around your entertainment equipment is never good, and will eventually cause the equipment to malfunction or even need to be replaced earlier than necessary. Below are some tips on keeping your electronics clean:


Your TV is covered with a new layer of dust every day. It is important to remove this dust as often as possible, but at least once or twice per week at minimum. The best option for cleaning your TV is a microfiber cloth. This is the most suitable material to use because it is a non-abrasive material, and when used with a cleaning solution suitable for TVs it will not only trap dust, but remove fingerprints or other grime issues on your TV screen.

Home Theater and Gaming Systems

Just as with other electronics, home theater and gaming systems gather a lot of dust around and under them. Gaming systems also gather dust around the venting areas. It is important to not only dust the outside of all your entertainment systems, but to also blow out the inside with compressed air to remove dust and dirt particles from the inside and the vents.


Computers can also be cleaned the same way as home theater systems and television sets. However, ensure you switch off the power before you begin cleaning. Also, do not use any liquid cleaners except on the screen, and make sure you use a cleaner that is safe for screens.

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